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The boiler adopts an environmentally friendly combustion method - full premixed combustion, and the gas and air are precisely adjusted and premixed in advance to ensure more complete combustion.


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The boiler adopts a double-drum longitudinal "D" type arrangement structure; water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the pipe; flame burns and flue gas flows outside the pipe, forming extremely fast steam-water.

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Low bed pressure running, it can save the power consumption of the fan by more than 20%. Coal consumption decreased by more than 3% during running of the boiler. Low-emission, eco-friendly. By optimized classification of low temperature of NOx can be decreased to less than 100mg/Nm3, outstanding performance of the environmental protection.

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Jul 05, 2009 · Today many of the boiler designers reduce this loss by recovering the heat after low temperature superheater by larger economizer and air pre-heaters. As designers go for lower and lower exit gas temperature the size of air pre-heaters go up. Boiler tuning for optimal Dry gas. Keep an optimal excess air level, generally about 20% in a coal fired boiler

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Keywords— Coal fired Boiler, Deaerator, Shell and tube heat exchanger, Kern method, Heat and mass balance, TG condensate, Hot condensate 1. INTRODUCTION One of the AFBC boiler (of capacity 90 TPH) HP Steam Generation cost is high due to high low-pressure steam consumption in the Deaerator.

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5.Heat carrier that transfering heat in 300 ℃ is 70 times smaller than the saturated steam pressure, 50% energy saving than the steam heating. 6.Electricity saving, water saving, fuel-efficient, investment can be recoveried within 3-6 months. Then,here are the accessories and valves about the YLW Coal Thermal Oil Boiler: Customer visit

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Dec 01, 2012 · With the installation of a low pressure economizer with optimized construction following Case 3 of this investigation for a 600 MW pulverized coal-fired unit, the expected benefits include reduction of the fuel consumption in standard coal equivalent, water consumption in FGD and CO 2 emission at 2.31 g SCE/(kW·h), 20.86 t water/h and 2.55 t

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Higher specific low-pressure steam consumption in boilers is a serious concern for the organization because of the low- need a heat exchanger, piping, and pumping energy. The investment would be minimum. By using heat from waste heat venting to Saving in steam means saving in coal as steam is produced from coal in our power plant. Hence

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Boiler reheater is a kind of steam superheater which reheats the low-pressure steam which has been overdone and reaches a certain temperature. The reheater further improves the heat efficiency of power plant circulation and controls the steam temperature of …

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Feb 01, 2014 · An LPE (low-pressure economizer) based waste heat recovery system for a CFPP (coal-fired power plant) is investigated thermodynamically. With the installation of LPE in the flue before the FGD (flue gas desulfurizer), the heat contained in the exhaust flue gas can be recovered effectively and the water consumption can be reduced in the FGD resulted from the temperature dropped flue gas.

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Lower TDS feed water reduces boiler blowdown and can save energy venting though boiler blowdown. Also flash heat recovery from boiler can be planned for reducing heat loss to atmosphere. Variable frequency drives: Most of the boiler are designed for peak load requirement but average loading of boiler is normally low, Variable frequency drives helps in reducing power consumption in low load condition.

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Sitong coal fired thermal oil boiler is an safe and energy saving boiler with working characteristics of low pressure (0.8 MPa) and high temperature (350℃). The combustion equipment could be chain grate or fixed grate, Owing to its characteristics of high heating temperature, low working pressure, energy saving, the coal fired thermal oil boiler could be widely used in a variety of

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Jul 21, 2020 · However, using traditional equipment such as low-pressure boilers and counter-pressure turbo alternators, the level and reliability of electricity production is not sufficient to change the energy balance and attract interest for export to the electric power grid.

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Boiler efficiency simply relates energy output to energy input, usually in percentage terms: coal as a boiler fuel tends to be restricted to specialised applications such as water-tube boilers in power stations. Low pressure burner. These operate at low pressure, usually between 2.5 and 10 mbar. The burner is a simple venturi device

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Oct 04, 2020 · In the petroleum processing industry, steam is the main factor affecting the energy consumption of enterprises. The safe, efficient and energy-saving boiler system directly determines the quality of oil products and the economic benefits of enterprises. Recently, ZOZEN successfully entered the Jordan market again.

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The upgrades have resulted in a sustained decrease in energy consumption for Boilers 23 and 24, which has yielded cost savings of $2,100,000/year in fuel and utility costs. The annualized energy savings are based on actual coal BTU values, in-plant watt meters, ASME performance calculations, turbine steam consumption estimates, and actual in

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The use of steam to preheat boiler feedwater was common when energy coal and biomass. Normally, maintenance costs could be considered fixed, rather than variable. If the Low-pressure steam that is produced through a pressure letdown station, usually a pressure-reducing

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The former is only suitable for boilers with a small evaporation capacity or when the steam load is relatively stable, while the latter control method can not only obtain more stable steam pressure and flow, but also keep the boiler combustion at a higher efficiency and save energy.

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1. Electric heating thermal oil heater is a new type of special industrial boiler that is safe, energy efficient, low pressure (normal pressure or lower gas pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy. 2. The thermal oil is used as a heat carrier, and the heat carrier is circulated by the hot oil pump to transfer heat to the heat


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