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The boiler adopts an environmentally friendly combustion method - full premixed combustion, and the gas and air are precisely adjusted and premixed in advance to ensure more complete combustion.


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The boiler adopts a double-drum longitudinal "D" type arrangement structure; water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the pipe; flame burns and flue gas flows outside the pipe, forming extremely fast steam-water.

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Fire-Tube Boiler (~1800) The fire tube boiler, the oldest design, is made so the products of combustion pass through tubes surrounded by water in a shell. The furnace/flame volume can either be inside or external to the shell that contains the water. The upper steam capacity of fire tube boilers is about 20,000 Ibm/hr, and the peak pressure

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EPCB Vertical Fire Tube Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler Capacity: 0.1~ 2T/h Pressure: 0.4~1.25MPa Fuel: Diesel, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, Furnace Oil, City Gas, Coke Oven Gas, Methane Gas, Biogas, etc. Application: Textile Mill, Chemical Plant, Oil Refinery, Slaughterhouse, Food Plant, Candy Plant, Beverage Plant, Pharmaceutical Plant, Printing and Dyeing Plant, Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Garment …

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Jan 09, 2019 · In a fire tube boiler, hot gas passes through the pipes and boiler feed water is inside the shell to be converted into steam. Fire tube boilers are usually used for relatively small steam capacities with low to moderate steam pressures. As a guideline, competitive fire tube boilers for steam speeds up to 12,000 kg / hour with pressures up to 18

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Mar 12, 2012 · The main design features of fire tube boilers are pressure 1– 1.6 –2.4 MPa, max. 4.0 MPa, steam temperature saturated, max. 400°C, and steaming rate ~10 kg/s, max. 50 kg/s. In addition to steam generation, a large number of fire tube boilers are used to heat hot water for residential or commercial use. Sign in to download full-size image

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fire tube boiler with boiler capacity of 3200 kg hour. In fire tube boiler, the hot gases passes through the tubes and boiler feed water in the shell side is converted into steam.; Fire tube boilers are generally used for relatively small steam capacities and low to medium steam pressure.

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boiler contains a safety valve that, when the pressure becomes too high due to blockage or overheating, releases the excess steam. Project Description Our engineering team designed a three­pass fire tube steam boiler with a capacity of 5000 kg of steam per hour and a operating pressure of 10 bar.

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Jan 17, 2020 · Generally, this type of steam boilers generates a maximum output of 27,000 kg/h. Most commercial and industrial users that demand a higher output install multiple fire-tube boilers in tandem. Fire-tube boilers can't work with applications that require high pressure, beyond 250psig.

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Cleaver-Brooks continues to manufacture the most reliable and efficient firetube boilers in a number of popular styles and sizes, including the CBEX, CBJT, CBLE, ICB, and Ohio Special.

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Aug 30, 2019 · The water tube boiler generates more steam of high pressure whereas a fire tube boiler generates steam of low pressure. We will discuss the fire tube boiler, different types of firetube boilers, defects, and uses. Fire Tube Boiler. In Fire Tube Boilers, hot flue gases will be flown inside the tube and these tubes are surrounded by water.

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Mar 12, 2012 · The fire tube boiler was created in the 1800s, Fig. 1.7.Its main use was to run steam engines for motive power. One of the first brand names for this type of boiler was the Lancashire boiler, which used two parallel fire tubes. It was used to power steamboats and railroad engines and to run industrial machinery via belt drives.

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These boilers are extremely flexible in producing the average to low degrees of force with the capacity as well as skilled to be arranged in different designs. What is Fire Tube Boiler? These are one of the most fundamental and old designed boilers. These boilers are very famous in the 18th century, and especially applicable for train engines.

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Example: efficiency = 95% & Burner capacity =11,110 kW. boiler capacity =11,110 kW * 0.95 ~=10,500 kW If you want to learn about fire tube boiler capacity, price or working principle, please consult our online customer service.

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EPCB is a famous oil steam boiler supplier. The steam boiler is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and can save 5% total cost per year. Horizontal Fire Tube Automatic Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler. Indonesia Rated steam capacity: 500kg/h Rated working pressure: 1.0MPa Fuel: Oil. 6T/h Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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Nov 02, 2017 · Many customers contact us online with the question of calculation of boiler capacity. they don't know how to calculate the boiler capacity they need. For example: It is common to express the output of fire tube and water tube steam boilers in Boiler Horsepower, MBTU or in Pounds of Steam delivered per hour.

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Jul 20, 2020 · 1.Water converts into steam very Quickly.When the water flow through the tubes,it is only surrounded by heat rather than the other way around. Since the tube holds less water than the tank of fire tube boiler so,it takes less time to convert that water into steam and thus less consumption of fuel.

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If you are using conventional fire tube boilers, this means you need to make sure you install a powerful enough system to handle your steam needs at peak capacity, as well as have redundancies in place for backup. Industrial boiler plants typically require a minimum of two units to meet their steam load demand, plus hopefully a third unit for